CDM2015 Designer Mentoring

(training plus project based workshop)


This course recognises that it can be difficult to take the ideas of a training course into practical projects. Using the delegates own projects as case study base material where appropriate the basic course CDM2015 for Designers is the first stage.  The second day is a week or so later (by arrangement) and involves a workshop session based on a current real project in which delegates are involved.  It is particularly helpful for in house teams or project design teams who may have disparate approaches to hazard and risk management through design.


Programme overview
  • Day 1 is CDM2015 for Designers possibly with some bespoke amendments.
  • Day 2 is a workshop where additional material and case studies are presented, delegates complex questions and solutions discussed and the objective is to agree a team approach to project design that will work in practice on projects.
What you will learn
  • That designing for health and safety is complex but creative
  • That health and safety must be considered at every stage of the project to leverage the greatest benefits
  • That effective communication is key
  • That enquiry to achieve clarity is almost always helpful
  • That there is no “right” answer in almost every case
  • That designers necessarily design in hazards but can assist in onward management of these
Who should attend

Engineers, architects, builders, quantity surveyors who fit in any way within the extensive definition of designers expressed in Section 2 of CDM2015.


Two days about a week apart.

Price and venue

Venue is likely to be in your office so you can access your own information. Price depends on numbers of delegates and complexity of projects being considered. Please call us to discuss.

Pre-course requirements

Practical experience of design at some level.  This course is flexible so will respond to delegate capability.

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