Senior Managers Briefing on H&S Risk Management

R Voke
This is a highly flexible briefing for senior managers and directors and can cover a range of topics, to be agreed on booking
The Tutor is Richard Voke who as a former inspector has led prosecutions against a range of
individuals and organisations on behalf of the UK Health and Safety Executive.Richard now provides defence services to clients who are faced with the threat of prosecution.
Richard will want to understand what it is that has stimulated your enquiry so that his briefing can provide the answers you need. These reasons could be due to regulatory activity, a corporate review of internal approaches to health and safety risk management or for senior managers CPD.


Topics that you may like to consider are:
  • Corporate manslaughter, gross negligence manslaughter and other ways individuals
    and companies can be held to account
  • Managing Fees for Intervention, the HSE cost recovery scheme
  • Accident and incident management and why legal privilege is useful during internal investigations
  • How to develop assurance for the Board in respect of operations by staff and third parties
  • Making BIM work for your health and safety
  • Recent court cases and why the court decided as they did
What you will learn

What actions you need take and processes you need to review to minimise harm and hence to reduce liability risk.

Who should attend

Directors and senior managers of organisations of any size.


This briefing is designed to last from 1- 3 hours to be agreed on booking.

Price and venue

Usually delivered at your offices unless you prefer otherwise, and the price of this course will depend on the extent of content and duration.

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