Health and safety law in the UK construction


This course is a core course that helps delegates to understand and to provide context for the complexities of UK health and safety law and enforcement. We strongly recommend this for anyone who manages any aspect of construction work in the UK today and who has not had the benefit of any legal training. Using case studies of landmark cases the course provides a vibrant backdrop for practical legal compliance in a manner that will simplify any health and safety decision making coming afterwards.


Course content
  • Criminal and civil law and codification
  • Negligence and reasonable practicability
  • UK construction health and safety law including a range of relevant regulations
  • Death in the workplace
  • Contractor control, high risk activities (eg asbestos work), site management
  • Construction health and safety enforcement and the implications for senior management
  • Aftermath of an incident
  • Management strategies to reduce likelihood of enforcement
What you will learn

How UK health and safety law is structured, regulated and should be managed to achieve legal compliance for individuals and organisations

Who should attend

Directors and senior managers of organisations of any size, H&S professionals, building and construction professionals with responsibility for any supervisory role


1 day

Price and venue

On application

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