SID is passionate about people and their safety and wellbeing in the built environment.

We recognise the need for clear guidance and training and we believe passionately that there should be a universal body to support the decision makers within the integrated delivery teams.  We aim to be that body.

We have great relationships with industry experts and bodies, across all disciplines and sizes.  We have been working in partnerships developing guidance and training since 2003.  We believe in striving towards creative excellence and investing in better ways of delivering brave new approaches/confident competence for everyone we work with/within the network/community.  Confident competence. 

We know our stuff:

1. We developed and jointly own the designers health and safety learning aims and occupational standards with CIC. 

2. Working in partnership with CBH to design and develop and deliver a wide range of health related courses and support material

3. Developing guidance and national support mechanisms for volunteers and non-topic specialists with responsibility for community buildings and spaces/land and property e.g. schools, places of worship, parks, community halls etc.







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