Who is Involved

The organisations and individuals involved in delivering training and issuing qualification certificates for SID training are as follows:

Course authors

Design and prepare training course material and assessment questions. Course Authors may own the copyright in their courses and if so are responsible for keeping the content and the assessment questions up to date.  Some  organisations choose to ask SID to author courses on their behalf.


ApproveSID as a qualification centre. Accredit courses on the SID programme and issue the qualifications when students successfully complete the required assessment.

Course organisers

Put on SID courses either as a speculative, open course or as an in-house, closed course. Responsible for all course administration including selecting and paying for the venue,the Tutor,and Assessors. Register delegate students with SID.  Receive the net payments from the Students.


Mark completed assessments from Students, according to the marking guide provided by Course Authors.


Check the marking carried out by Assessors according to a sampling plan agreed by CELL.


Deliver training courses at locations specified by Course Organisers. Responsible for on-the-day administration and issuing post-course assessments to Students.


Co-ordinates the training programme with other offerings, suchas the design guides and specialist consultants. Custodian of the SID brand. Approved Centre for providing training and qualifications. Promotes courses and Tutors and works with Partners to encourage them to do the same.


Although there are many different roles to be filled in the SID training programme, one individual can carry out many roles. For example, a Tutor can also be Course Author, Assessor or Moderator (but not both Assessor and Moderator), or even a Course Organiser.

Those performing the above roles in the SID Training Programme receive payment for services delivered, according to standards defined by the SID Board. In this way, individuals performing more than one role can increase their income from the training programme. For more detailed information please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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